Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Homestead: Urban Outfitters is Killin' It

As you know I am always on the lookout for creative and beautiful ways to spruce up the old, or in our case new, homestead. No matter the new addition my requirements remain the same, it must be beautiful design, livable, and match my laid back, modern NorCal style. If you have been scrolling around on Pinterest lately you may have noticed some exciting things going on over at Urban Outfitters. Quite simply they are killing it with the styled home decor photo shoots. I love the combination of creative and livable style. It all has a young vibe, but is something all of us can incorporate into our homes. When it comes down to it, I dig on the spirit, UO! I pulled together some of my favorite pieces from their Apartment collections all while dreaming about seeing them in my very non-apartment mountain home. 

Genius move with the Marshall amp. I would have been doing this for years if I had thought of it. At the top of my must make it happen list.

Bohem Duvet

Media Stand | Chair | Pillow
I love the mix of mid century and western style. Perfect and perfectly livable. 

Blanket | Sofa | Pillow
Textures and pattern rule here. The key is to focus on a color to tie it all in. Here black and brown unite the pattern play.  

Rug | Coffee Table
The perfect combo of soft natural woven fibers with some good old industrial metal. Always a hit.

What has you inspired?



All photography courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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