Friday, September 5, 2014

4 the Record: REM Green

If you have been following my 4 the Record posts lately it looks like I don't listen to anything past 1995. Sometimes that's true, but mostly I just go with what I'm feeling at the time. I heard the song Stand in the car earlier in the week and was reminded how much I don't particularly like that song, but also how much I love the album it's on. Green was one of the first records, that's right, records, that I remember buying myself. It's both sad and sweet, poppy and deep. When I first heard You Are the Everything I was sure that no greater love song could ever exist. Turns out they do, but many songs on this album still fill me with memories and good feelings and there is nothing wrong with revisiting that.

Pullover Dress | Men's Dress Shirt | Knit Hat | Vans Slip-on | REM Green |
Cropped Sweatshirt | Envelope Clutch | Hand Dyed Bow Tie | Skirt

What will you be listening to this weekend?



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