Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zelma Rose + Tiny Prints!

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce today that over the next months I will be partnering with Tiny Prints!! If you don't know Tiny Prints, let me introduce you! Tiny Prints is THE online destination for well designed customizable stationary, holiday cards, invitations, and home decor. You know all those beautiful custom family portrait cards that arrive in your mailbox around the holidays? Chances are they have been created over at Tiny Prints! Over the next months, I will be bringing you personally curated collections of Tiny Prints products to inspire your own love of design and personal style. Each month will focus on a specific roundup of gorgeous goodies that you can customize and make your own over at  Look for the first post next week!!

I am so excited about this partnership because I have had a long time design crush on Tiny Prints dating back to before my daughter was born. Surprisingly, searching for a Baby Shower invitation proved to be a frustrating task. Hard to imagine now, but at the time it was impossible to find a modern and well designed invitation that met our personal style. I searched all over, high and low, and ended up arriving at Tiny Prints thanks to a promotion I received in a magazine. Once I started looking at invitations at Tiny Prints, the problem became narrowing down which one we wanted! A set of Baby Shower invitations, personalized stationary for our baby girl, address labels, and a set of custom thank you notes later, we were at least ready for the correspondence part of being first time parents! Here's the invitation we picked out for our party!

Tiny Prints Highchair Invitation Suite
A lot of time has passed since then, (we survived being first time parents, so far anyway), but over the years we have come back to Tiny Prints again and again for our holiday cards and updated stationary and moving announcements. I'm thrilled this time around to be sharing my personal style and custom Tiny Prints designs with you!

Come back next week for my first collection. Here's a hint, it's all about the business side of back to school.



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