Friday, February 6, 2015

4 the Record | Pearl Jam Ten

Brian + Stacey were my two high school friends who knew way more about music than I ever would. I remember sitting on the bleachers in gym class when they both showed me the cover of this new CD they were listening to. It was pink, with big bold letters on the front and a bunch of guys reaching toward the sky for some strange reason. "Forget the cover, and listen to this, " they said.

Scarf | Shirt | Necklace | Sweater | Pearl Jam Ten | Denim | Sunnies | Boots | Backpack

That album of course was Pearl Jam Ten. I loved it immediately, and then of course once this teenage girl saw a photo of Eddie Vedder, well, the whole Seattle sound was a pretty easy sell. The meaning of this album has changed a lot for me over the years. Starting out as an angst driven teenage anthem, now it remains in rotation as just a really solid rock album. All the songs are great, with Evenflow coming in as an all time favorite track. While I was running around in the oversized flannel and doc martens back in the day, I'd like to think now I'd choose a slightly more mature take on the look. Here's what I would wear now, when calling up my days as a 90's flannel wearing free spirit. 

What's your favorite track from Ten? 



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