Monday, August 25, 2014

Good Measure: The Must Have Fall Shirt

When I think of fall, crisp nights, warm campfires, and breezy mountain mornings come to mind. This will be our first autumn up in the mountains and I am excited to see what changes it brings to our trees and surrounding flora. As you know, I love fall fashion and while I am always in favor of the classics, I like to keep a keen eye out for a new spin on some of my favorite staples.

Confession...I have been wearing flannel shirts since the 90's. I still have some of my first. They were men's of course, from J. Crew, actually. I wore them over sized with leggings and Doc Martins, steel toe so I could mosh at Roseland. I think I gave away too much there? Flannel kind of disappeared for a while,with the exception of LL Bean and Pendelton, but this year it is back in many forms and I am so excited to add a few new pieces to my closet.

My must have flannel this fall comes from local design house Poppy von Frohlich. Not only is every PvF piece designed in San Francisco, it is also made right here. Designer/owner Trudy rocks!  She is a stay at home Mom, just like me and burns the candle at both ends taking care of her babe and making it work at PvF. Let's just say I have mad respect for this lady! I own and love her Gold Miner's Daughter shirt and will be getting myself a few more this year. 

The fit is PERFECT! I'm tall and it is nearly impossible to find a shirt long and lean enough to move freely in. When I put on my shirt for the first time I felt like Trudy had made it just for me. A shirt that I can actually bend over in and not have to re-adjust everything when I stand back up?! Kind of a miracle. Trudy and I definitely share the same muse and I could rock some ZR + PvF 7 days a week.

Much like ZR, PvF is often made to order and in very limited runs, so if you see something you like, jump on it! I've got my eye on a few more flannels along with a Lumber Jane Coat this year. Follow along with Trudy on Instagram for updates on new releases and limited runs so you can be among the first to nab her next batch!



Original photography, art direction + styling for Zelma Rose by Lisa Anderson Shaffer

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