Monday, August 4, 2014

Good Measure: The Summer Scarf

The Bay Area has a unique climate and summer brings the biggest differences in temperatures we see all year. Up in the mountains the temperatures can be 30 degrees warmer during the day than at night and in Marin, our days are about 15 degrees warmer than in the city. My work day can go from fog and 63 degrees to full on sun and 95 at mid day. There really is no sane way to prepare for this type of temperature change, except to layer like crazy, keep a pair of flip flops in the car, and of course carry a really great light weight scarf.

Late Sunday Afternoon Scarf | Madewell Shirt | Zelma Rose Necklace

Most customers are surprised when I tell them that my summer wardrobe is full of scarves. I have light weight woolen scarves for my days in the city and light gauzy cotton scarves to help block out the sun and keep me cool on the north side of the bridge. Price or brand does not discriminate when it comes to the scarves in my closet. I buy what I like and what will provide a nice accent to my summer dresses and denim. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect scarf, and last year while bringing Zelma Rose to Renegade Craft Fair in SF, I was lucky enough to meet Matthew and his brother from Late Sunday Afternoon

Matthew makes the most beautiful limited edition lightweight cotton scarves right here in California. To say I love this scarf would be an understatement. I wear it almost everyday and I should probably at this point holler at Matthew for a few more. The cotton is soft, lightweight, and the length and width is perfect. It works on everyone, both men and women and easily translates to whatever your style may be. If you see me out and about or off duty the next few months, chances are I'll be wearing my Late Sunday Afternoon scarf.

Looking for the perfect summer scarf? Here are my must haves for finding a scarf to get you from summer to fall.
  1. Cotton is best. Whether you end up using your scarf to block the sun or wipe up subway sweat (I hear ya NYC) nothing will work harder for you in August than cotton.
  2. Washable. I admit I do have more than my share of dry clean only scarves in my closet, but when it comes to a summer scarf you will be sweating in, wearing suntan lotion under, and hopefully attending a few mean BBQ's with, focus on what can be thrown in the washing machine low maintenance style.
  3. Length + Width. The perfect summer scarf can be wrapped around your shoulders, used as a hood over your head, and tied loosely to protect your chest from the sun. Look for something that is long enough to be wrapped around twice, and wide enough that it can cover your head and the top of your shoulders. 
  4. Pattern Play + Plain and Simple. If you find a scarf you really like, buy two. One is a neutral tone, like grey, tan, or blue and one in a pattern. You will be glad you have one you can dress up for the office and one you can dress down for the beach.
Send your summer style questions my way, just comment below for some style advice just for you.



Original photography, art direction + styling for Zelma Rose by Lisa Anderson Shaffer

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