Monday, February 11, 2013

Now Hear This 2.11.13 Rare Device Indeed

First up, the lovely Umba Box is having a Zelma Rose Valentine's Day Giveaway today!! I love teaming up with Umba Box and I'm really excited that some lucky lovely is going to nab one of my heart cross stitch necklaces.  Umba put together such a sweet write up and asked some questions that I have never been asked.  Want to know what my favorite love songs are?  Head on over to the Umba Box Blog to enter the giveaway and read up a little on ZR.

Umba Box ZR Giveaway

I was finally going to publish that Alt Summit recap post I have been working on, but when I got this video of the Rare Device Trunk Show from Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People yesterday, I had a change of heart.  Never fear, that Alt Summit post is coming, but I thought it best to start off the week with Sarah's video and a recap of the Trunk Show.

This was my first Trunk Show, which seems hard to believe, but with my schedule and taking care of my daughter, AKA the Bean, full time, I usually don't sign myself up for too many shows.  Rare Device, on the other hand, I just had to say yes to!  For one, RD is one of my favorite stores anywhere, and second, owner Giselle is simply brilliant and a wonderful friend to boot.  San Francisco loves itself some Rare Device.  I did a post about Giselle a few months back on lets neighbor for Small Business Saturday.  You can learn more about her and RD here and Giselle will be speaking at my Mind Your Business Boot camp March 9 & 10 at the Makeshift Society. Click on the caption below to view Sarah's video of the Trunk Show.

Rare Device Video by Sarah Deragon

The Trunk show was a lot of fun.  I got to spend the day with some of my favorite ladies and made a few new friends along the way.  I couldn't help scooping up some goodies for myself and some friends courtesy of Jen Hewett & Emily McDowell. Also, my friend Karrie Myers Taylor was on hand to deliver some of her incredible gluten free baked goods.  Yeah,  chocolate chip and bacon cookies.

ZR Display at Rare Device
Jen Hewett Studio
Emily McDowell

Karrie Bakes

That's all the news that is fit to print this week.  Don't forget to enter the Umba Box Giveaway!! What bacony chocolate chip goodness is happening in your week?

Stop back Wednesday for In the Studio.  I'll be showing you one of my most popular necklaces in process.



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