Monday, January 5, 2015

Your 2015 Style Guide Checklist | For Her

Welcome to 2015! With some much needed time off around the holidays, I like to not only review my goals and dreams for the new year, but I also like to get my house in order. Part of getting life back on track and ready for the next 365 days no doubt includes taking stock of your wellness and wardrobe. (I pulled together some of my favorite staples below).

Tshirt | Glasses | Scarf | Vest | Denim | Socks | Bra | Boots | Undies

I start each year with a handy checklist to keep track of my necessary annual medical appoints, my wardrobe, and all those little things we forget about. Nothing like packing the night before a conference to realize your tights have a huge hole in them!  Let's avoid that mess, please. By annually recording your sizes, and double checking the items in your wardrobe, you give yourself a single place to reference what you have, what needs to be replaced, and must be repaired. This year, I'm excited to share with you my very own checklist template! You can download it here. 

The checklist covers everything from your annual medical visits, to lists of basic wardrobe items, and lots of space for notes. I do not own everything on this list, so don't get too overwhelmed, and I'm not suggesting you run out and check off each item. Simply mark what you have and what you need to replace. I included on the list getting fitted for a bra and shoes. If you have kids then you know these sizes change a lot over the years. Scary but true, so good to get things properly measured each year. Nordstrom offers free bra fittings, along with a knowledgeable shoe department that can help you find a properly fitting shoe.

I find the most valuable part of this list to be where I note the brand, size and style. When a brand I wear is having a sale I can quickly reference what size and style I like. Also, it makes for easy gifting. My man can look at the list, see what stores I like and what sizes I wear and presto, the perfect gift!

I will be sharing some of my favorite picks from my own list over the next few weeks. Also, next Monday I will share the Zelma Rose 2015 Style Guide for Him. That's right guys, you get your very own checklist!

Hope you are off to a wonderful 2015!

Have fun with the Style Guide and comment below with your own favorite wardrobe basics, I'll be sharing mine soon!



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