Wednesday, January 21, 2015

From the Studio | 52 Silhouettes Week 3

As the weeks pass while working on this project, I realize how interested I am in the flora and fauna that surround my house. With so much to look at, I'm enjoying taking a closer and more isolated look at each leaf and bloom.

This week I decided to focus on a leaf from one of the Bird of Paradise plants that grow beneath a set of our kitchen windows. With a few of the flowers in bloom, it seems a bit odd that a leave is what drew my attention, but I was interested in the different textures and how this would translate into a flat silhouette.

I was surprised by the results, as the curve of the leaf, which I was so drawn to seems to get a bit lost in translation. I like the way the drastic change in texture and color from green to brown is seen as only holes in the leaf in this form.

Until next week!



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