Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Homestead: Fall Home Scents to Please Everyone

Fall is my favorite time of year. Here in Northern California we are blessed with an incredible season. Not only do we get to enjoy the changing of the leaves, apple picking, and pumpkin patches, but we get to enjoy it all under the sun with some of our most mild temperatures of the year. It's magical!

I always try to take some time during late September to prepare the house for the new season, putting away some of the more summery decor and switching it out for gathered greens and finds from the yard, along with rich woven pillows and heavy wool blankets. Besides getting to break out some of my favorite blankets and throws, an essential part of my fall home prep has become candles.

I'm not one for strong scents around the house and prefer to keep things woodsy and natural. Plus I like to burn something that everyone can enjoy and makes sense given our woodland setting. To help set the mood for autumn, I pulled together my current favorite burns to share with you, as I think they are scents that everyone can enjoy. None overpowering and perfect for a quick burn or to last the whole day.

PF Candle Co. makes my favorite candles and it's not just because owner Kristen Pumphrey is a friend, but watching this lady boss build her company to super stardom over the past 6 years certainly helps. Kristen + husband Tom's candles are all 100% soy wax and hand poured from their studio in Downtown Los Angeles.

They are clean burning and not over powering in scent, perfect to please ladies + gents. I'm a huge fan of the Teak + Tobacco, but Kristen really blew my mind with one of their newest scents, Neroli and Eucalyptus. A scent inspired by our home state of California this intoxicating candle is the perfect combo of minty eucalytpus and deeply herbaceous neroli and is well suited for fall.

My second favorite burn for fall is Palo Santo Incense. I picked up a new bundle of these from Half Hitched Goods this past weekend. Carrie sells them in lovely little tied bundles which make for a beautiful display and the perfect thank you gift. I enjoy the sweet woodsy fragrance on it's own but they also smell nice when burned.

When it comes to creating a flame, my favorite way to light a candle is with matches. I love the sound, smell, and old school charm of striking a match. In our home we use the Apothecary Matchstick Bottle.

Created by Oakland local Jen Pearson, each is made from reclaimed apothecary bottles. Jen's design is both beautiful and sustainable. I keep them all around the house and at the ready. Guests always comment on their modern and minimal design. You can find Jen's matchstick bottles online and at Rare Device.

I hope these favorites have inspired you to fill your home with some warm woodsy scents that everyone in the family can enjoy this fall!



Original photography, art direction + styling for Zelma Rose by Lisa Anderson Shaffer

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