Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Measure: The Sharp Dressed Man

As you know, I offer up a lot of fashion tips and advice on the Zelma Rose blog, mostly because you ask, and who are we kidding, I love talking style. Today, I'm giving my own personal take on what makes a sharp dressed man.

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I gave an interview with Goods of Record last week and one of the founders asked me, "Why a Men's Collection?" As a woman designer, I get this question a lot. Truth be told, I love menswear. Structured suits, textured knits, leather details, and of course bow ties. It all really appeals to me and when it comes to my own closet, I am often looking for pieces that mimic the attention to tailoring and quality that is so inherent in men's fashion.  Above all else, when I think about noticing a man's dress, no matter the style, it all comes down to tailoring. When it comes to being a sharp dressed man;


A Collected Gentleman | The Fashitecteur | Dressed to Ill

Isaiah, Jared, and Rob, three of my favorite male fashion bloggers pictured above, take tailoring very seriously. Even in casual looks they know that nothing looks sharper than a proper fit. From pants to shirts, and blazers, even sweaters and t shirts, every look can benefit from a custom fit. Don't be afraid to take in the shoulders, shorten a sleeve, or lengthen a pair of pants. Finding a tailor you like can take some time, but the good news is you only have to search once. Word of mouth is best, but also ask the sales people where you shop. Many stores offer tailoring and can tell you where to find a pro in your neck of the woods. For more about tailoring visit here.


Outside of a custom fit, looking sharp really comes down to color and pattern. I always notice pattern play and love it when men get creative in mixing and matching pattern. Isaiah, Jared, and Rob are pros at it , but what I love most about pattern play is that mixing it up really lets individual style shine through. Dress shirt and tie combos are great places to mix pattern. Think stripes with plaid or polka dots, even plaid on plaid! Mixing pattern can be playful, outlandish, classic, and modern. No matter the look, letting your individuality shine through always looks confident, and that's the key to killer style!

Dress Shirts Pattern Play at Paul Fredrick


One of the many things I've learned from my customers over the years is that when it comes to looking sharp you've simply got to own it. One of my favorite things about living in Northern California and catering to the bohemian and unique style of my customers is that the very same bow tie can be just as effective on a tattooed bike messenger as it is on a financial district VC. As long as you own your look, I'll consider your style to be razor sharp. 

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There are a million so called rules out there that one can follow to look their best, but I think having style is about following a few simple and straightforward ideas that you create for yourself. When it comes to my own designs and who I design for, looking sharp is as easy as:






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