Monday, October 20, 2014

Good Measure: Fan Gear

The San Francisco Giants are going to the World Series. I'm a huge Giant's fan, so my October is looking pretty good. Truth be told I've had a pretty good run with my fandom. I grew up in New York, went to the 1986 World Series, yeah I was at Game 6, and yeah, it was amazing. Follow that up with the Yankees winning the fall classic a million times in the 90's and you can imagine, baseball was not a hard sport to love.

When I moved to San Francisco from New York, loving the Giants was pretty easy. They were originally from New York after all, and with the plans of the new ball park under way, it was hard not to take notice. Fast forward to 2010, my daughter being born during the World Series, two parades and endless fun later, you can say I bleed orange.

We visited home of the Giants, AT&T Park this past weekend for our annual family tour. I will be sharing the fun with you later in the week, but for now I wanted to talk fan gear. It's not for everyone, but for those of us who just need to show our colors I do have some advice.

Keep it simple. There is a lot of great design happening right now in fan gear. Go with something that feels right and can become part of your regular weekend wardrobe. Whether you are in to hats, t's, hoodies, or scarves, you can probably find something you would wear even if it wasn't advertising your favorite team.

One at a time, with exception. Wear one piece at a time. Keep it to a hat or a shirt or a jersey. The exception being of course if your team is in the World Series. Then just go crazy and wear it all at once. It's the freaking World Series and it's great.

Quality. Sure the shirts sold in the parking lot for $5 are great, but chances are the stuff sold in the team store will probably hold up a bit better. This goes for jerseys too. If you are going to wear a jersey, wear a jersey. Get the nice one for the big bucks like the players wear. That's the whole point right?

I picked up the sweet shirt above at the Dugout store yesterday. It's bright, super California, and just what I need to get me through the Series.

It's October. I'm obsessed. All hail baseball.



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