Friday, October 24, 2014

4 the Record: Carly Simon No Secrets

Carly Simon's No Secrets was released in 1972 and pretty much launched her straight to super stardom.  You're So Vain has remained one of those songs that you find yourself and everyone else singing along to on line at the grocery store. It's a classic for sure and few things feel better after a breakup than belting it out in your car. It's definitely my favorite song on this album and when I heard it on Pandora while working yesterday I wished there had been a piano in my studio! Carly's voice is as distinctive as her style and I just love everything about the boho 70's vibe she is rockin' on the album cover. This look could be in the pages of any fashion magazine today and is both chic and comfortable. It had me immediately running for my floppy hat and over sized hobo bag.

Hat + Hat Band | TShirt | Scarf | Bag | No Secrets | Boots | Denim | Poncho | Necklace

My favorite look from this round up has to be the vintage onyx squash blossom necklace. They are nearly impossible to find and if the gift fairies are listening, the answer is yes please!

What are you listening to?



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