Friday, October 10, 2014

In the Know: Mastering the Art of Email

Email is amazing. Running the show at Zelma Rose and being able to stay at home with my daughter would be completely impossible if I were not able to communicate with customers at 4 am. Seriously, the internet and email has made it possible for me to have it all. I bow down to you oh glorious internet overlord!

For those of you who don't know, before I became boss lady at ZR I was headed down the path to becoming a psychoanalyst. Yeah, Freud and the couch, the whole big mess. I still love psychology, specifically psychoanalytic theory and believe it or not, many of the ways I run my business are seen through a psychoanalytic lens and email is no exception.

Email is such a huge part of running a business and I'm not talking email newsletters and catching up with your inbox. There is something entirely special and unique about being able to communicate with another person without being in the same room or on the phone. Think about it, in an email you get to communicate exactly what you need to without interruption.  It's magic. You can take the time to really read a customer's concern or a team members question to completely hear them. Email allows us to stop time and remove the emotion of physicality and there is no other form of communication that allows for this as successfully as email.  This is huge people!!!

Now I do have quite a bit of experience in understanding communication, I would have to right? And my psych training does come heavily into play in terms of having successful communication with customers and clients, but the good news is that mastering the art of email communication is something that everyone can learn and I'm all about sharing my tips with you! That's right, so go ahead and put on your Freudian slip and join me over at Makeshift Society Tuesday night for my new class dedicated to helping you have stellar customer relations, better management skills, and complete email confidence! To check out some of my psych thoughts on email you can head on over to here and here.  In the mean time go ahead and check out the class listing at Makeshift Society and sign on up for some fun!

Here's to being your own inbox superhero!!



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