Thursday, March 22, 2012

Luke Haynes Makes Me Salivate

Early this morning I was up to my usual 4am business.  Reading through my emails and catching up on Etsy.  There is so much talent on Etsy, I wish I had more time to explore.  I'm always so appreciative when another shop owner favorites one of my designs and I use this as a way to connect and see what is going on in the wide world of Etsy.  Following the thread of one of my designs, I happened upon Luke Haynes. Uh, how I was unaware of Luke I have no idea. That rock I've been living under is bigger than I thought!  Luke is a quilter, and a very skilled one at that and I have the feeling he is also kind of a genius.

Quilt Art: (Iconography 7) Rags to Riches

I have a super primitive reaction when something creative hits me aesthetically in a way that I cannot deny. I literally drool.   Yeah, Luke Haynes, you make me salivate! I am so floored by Luke's work that I do not even really know what to say.  Perhaps there is nothing to say.  Let's just look and salivate.

[Man Stuff #1] Hammer


[The-American-Context-#5]- Detail American-Gothic

For more about Luke Haynes be sure to check out his website, Facebook page and Etsy Shop.  He's kind of a big deal.  Thanks Luke, for getting my morning started off right.  




  1. Oh my! These quilts are amazing... LOVE the American Gothic one!

    1. Yes! Can you even believe this guy, Stephanie?! Amazing!! xo

  2. Shucks! I am so glad you found me. And of course that my work has such a visceral reaction!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Luke. Drool worthy for sure! I hope to see your work out in San Francisco soon?