Friday, January 27, 2012

Feature Friday: Upcycled Pocket Squares

Zelma Rose has been a hub of activity lately!  I've been working hard on getting my studio back in tip top shape after the holiday rush, organizing my taxes and paperwork for 2011 and looking into new systems, apps and equipment to make my business run as smooth as butter in 2012. 

One of the many goals I have for 2012 is to incorporate recycled and upcycled materials into my current designs.  A perfect match for this mission are my Pocket Squares.  Being that they were the hot item in the shop this week, I thought I'd share some of my new upcycled designs with you.

Each new pocket square design is made entirely from an upcycled men's dress shirt.  The basic design is the same, don't worry folks, you will still get a perfect beautiful fold with the signature zig-zag stitch and fabric design on both sides.  The difference you will notice is a lovely relic from the shirt's past.  I include a button from the dress shirt used to make the pocket square in the corner of each finished design.

The feedback from all of you about the new designs has been wonderful to hear.  One customer said that he had fun waiting to see how long it would take before someone at a party commented on the button detail peeking out of his blazer breast pocket.  Time to beat? 15 minutes!!

I'm looking to collaborate with customers on these new upcycled designs.  Have a sentimental shirt or heirloom that you want to honor?  Let's create something beautiful together!



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