Thursday, January 5, 2012

Awfully Grand: The Backstory

I'd like to formally introduce you all to my newest little seedling,  Awfully Grand. A new blog project for 2012, our mission at Awfully Grand is to be a beacon of light for the aspiring creative professional. This blog project will document the success, failures, celebrations, rants, inspirations and realities of the lives of myself and my partner in crime Sarah Deragon, as we strive to do what we love and love what we do.    

It has been oh so much fun planning and dreaming with Sarah! 


Little did I know when Sarah and I met this past July, we would become each other's most enthusiastic cheerleaders!  To put it simply, Sarah is the friend who puts a fire under my ass.  She inspires me to keep at it on the days when I have a teething toddler on one hip and only five minutes at a time to devote to my Zelma Rose to-do list.  Oh and did I mention she shares my love of early 90's slow jams?  Bring on the Montel Jordan! Not only is she brilliant and totally gorgeous, she just happens to be San Francisco's most kick ass photographer

Dear Musketeer

Letter Happy

Looking back, I find it surprising that the idea of creating a new blog came so effortlessly. So few endeavors often are! Sarah and I met and soon realised that we were both at the same crossroads with our businesses.  Sarah wanted to start the transition from her 9-5 to being a full time photographer, and I was getting ready to be able to devote more time to Zelma Rose, and less time to breast feeding! We both knew we needed support and felt that there were not many resources out there that chronicle the ups and downs of following the dream of doing what you love for a living.  Don't get me wrong, there's no shortage of great blogs about how to increase sales, market yourself with tact, define your target market, but Sarah and I wanted to tell a different story.  What does it feel like to go for it?  What are the daily obstacles, the minute by minute joys and challenges to putting it all on the line? And most importantly who are the people we rely on to help get us through the tough times? I'll be posting more ab out our new endeavor throughout the year.  Next up will be the story of how Sarah & I met, followed by, just how do you start a blog anyway?! So, I invite you to follow along with us this year as we cheer each other on to realize a life that is Awfully Grand!  Are you with us?