Friday, January 20, 2012

Feature Friday: Cross Stitch Witchery

Welcome once again to Feature Friday!  This week I have been mostly working in cross stitch.  I love just about everything about cross stitch.  The embroidery thread, fabric and very small scale.  Sometimes I like to challenge myself to see just how small I can  stitch!  

My cross stitch designs are a favorite around Valentine's Day and they certainly make a lovely gift for that special someone.   I think there is something about the look and beauty of cross stitch that evokes a romantic vibe.  They are definitely some of the most intimate pieces to work on as a designer.  Each piece starts are a small two inch piece of cross stitch fabric that I then stretch on a small embroidery hoop.  

It is a very quiet process for me.  I tend to work on the actual cross stitch part of the necklaces at night, just enjoying the calm of the evening.  Unlike most designers, I do not use a set pattern or even draw out what I am going to stitch on the fabric before hand.  I like the freedom of making stitches into something that is clean and blank and starting from scratch each time means that every piece is made just for you!

Hope your Friday is beautiful!


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