Friday, January 13, 2012

Feature Friday: Chalkboard Locket

Welcome to Feature Friday!  This week I have been thinking quite a bit about the Zelma Rose Chalkboard Lockets.  

I adore these lockets and they are truly a labor of love.  Each locket is created 100% from scratch, by me.  I start with fabric, create two covered buttons and then through a series of about 7 steps create a locket with a magnetic and chalkboard surface. They have been a customer favorite since their debut at Renegade Craft Fair back in July of 2011 and I wanted to say thank you to all the locket fans by launching some new designs in 2012.

My favorite part about the locket is hearing back from customers about how they are the conversation piece of the party!  "No one has ever seen anything like this," they say.  True, true, it is most certainly a rare find.  

I have been tweaking the design a bit for 2012 and while the locket itself will remain the same, I have designed a much longer chain.  Twice as long actually.  This will favor layering the lockets, a request I have gotten from several customers and also allow for the locket to be worn both at the neck and at the waist.    You can see how it hangs from my oh so glamorous pic below.  It definitely adds a higher element of glamor and will surely be a flattering length for everyone.  It will lengthen the look of your body for sure! 

Additionally you will have the option to use both chains or one chain.  I played around a lot with different clasps and loved the way the lobster clasp looks as a design element.  Your biggest conversation piece just got more fabulous!  

What else would you like to see from ZRDG in 2012?



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