Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Now Hear This 5.28.13 Holy Gentleman's Quarterly

Last Monday morning my eyes nearly fell out of my head. As I woke and grabbed some coffee on the way to the studio I just happened to check my Instgram feed. I love posting new designs and photos from the studio on my feed and i usually check it first thing in the morning to catch up on all things photographic. To my surprise, Justin Doss, the fashion editor for GQ had posted a photo of a few items from our Men's Collection. I screamed. Loudly. This was big! I did a celebration dance, the robot of course, and called my husband. Here's the infamous GQ shot. Thanks Justin!

Zelma Rose in GQ!

If you are on Instagram, follow along with us and take a peek at the GQ feed.  There's some pretty gorgeous stuff on there! 

Happy Tuesday (I took yesterday off)



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