Friday, May 24, 2013

Style File 5.24.13 Red White & Blue Summer Favorites

With Memorial Day on Monday, summer's trend of red, white & blue is in full swing through July. I love classic style and few things evoke a more classic vibe than red, white and blue. Whether stripes, stars, or solids, you can't go wrong when choosing from this Americana palette for your closet or home. I was especially inspired this week during my visit to the Di Rosa Preserve when I spied a piece by artist Packard Jennings. Today's Style File all fell into place after that.

1. Clogs // 2. Bow Tie // 3. Bag // 4. Blanket // 5. Necklace // 6. Book // 7. Jumpsuit // 8. Sculpture // 9. Necklace //

Enjoy the long weekend!  



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