Monday, May 20, 2013

Now Hear This 5.20.13 7x7 Has Local Handmade Love

Confession time...I keep a list of milestone hopes next to my desk. It's a simple list, but I am a believer that you have to put what you want out there into the universe. No use holding on to your wishes, personal or business so tightly. I have found that when you share the dreams you have for your business, you engage others in that dream too. And isn't that just much more fun? I keep a little list of publications that I am just dying to get Zelma Rose into. There are the big boys, like the New York Times, GQ, InStyle, and of course Martha Stewart Weddings, and then there are the locals that I read everyday and are very dear to my heart. Last year I was lucky enough to be in San Francisco Magazine, and back in February I was featured in the Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle...totally blew my mind! This Friday I got a huge surprise and got to cross another of my favorite local haunt off my list.  7x7 included Zelma Rose in their 7 Favorite Things. I love this column and did a little victory dance when 7x7 tweeted the link.  Huzzah!  Score one for ZR!  And 7x7, there are about 49 things we love about you!

Thanks so much 7x7 for making my day!  I love hometown press. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing what you do everyday pop up in something you read everyday! The Bold Italic and Asterisk, you are still on my list!

Happy Monday


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