Monday, March 10, 2014

Good Measure: Versatility

One of the concepts that I keep in mind from Zelma Rose design to prototype is the idea of versatility.  I want our customers to feel like there are numerous possibilities when it comes to our designs and that however you choose to wear them, they can become a staple in your wardrobe. Our most popular versatile design element is definitely the convertible chain. Did you know that most of our necklaces can be worn 5 different ways?

The convertible chain was born out of my own inability to choose whether I wanted to wear a certain design with a short chain or a long chain. I finally decided, why choose at all, and the Zelma Rose convertible chain was born. I get a lot of requests for tutorials on how to wear our convertible chain, and emails from you about new ways you have discovered to wear it.  I'm excited to say that a video is in the works, but for now, I pulled together some photos of the 5 ways I wear the chain.

36" // 18" Single // 27" // 18" Twist // 18" Double

When your Zelma Rose Cross Stitch Collection necklace arrives, the chain is clasped at 36 inches. For most, this length hits right around the waist and looks great with a dress, a tshirt and jeans, or a flowing silk top. 

The shorter 18 inch length works well with just about any style top, from a tshirt, to button up, this single 18 inch length works well on nearly everyone and really showcases the necklace detail. To go from the 36 inch to 18 inch length, simply unclasp one of the chains and you are all set. 

The 27 inch chain is a great mid length. This works well for women who feel that the 36 inch length is a bit too long and also works on tops and dresses with detailing around the waist or higher up on the chest. As you can see it falls right at the bust line on me. To achieve this look, separate your chains. Keep one through the pendant, and clasp the other to itself. Clasp the closed chain to the end of the chain running through the pendant and then take the clasp of the chain running through the pendant and hook it around the closed chain. Yeah it's a little wordy, but take a close look at the above photo on the left and you will get it.

The 18 inch twist is my favorite way to wear ZR designs. I love the geometric design that it creates on the skin and this style looks amazing with an open cut top. The more skin the better! To get this look, separate the chains and put both through the pendant opening. Clasp one around your next and let the other fall at the pendants sides. Before you clasp the second chain, criss cross it right above the pendant opening and then clasp the back around your neck. 

The double 18 inch chain is probably the most popular among customers. You guys love the way it balances out the size of the pendant and showcases the design detail. To achieve this look, simple separate the chains and run both through the pendant. I like this look with a paired down top and choose it when I really want the necklace to define the outfit. 

So there you have it! Thanks for stopping by Good Measure this week. Comment below on your favorite way to wear our convertible chain. Have you discovered a way all your own to wear it? Share it below and send us a photo!



Original photography, art direction + styling for Zelma Rose by Lisa Anderson Shaffer

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