Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Measure: Spectacular Specs

Glasses are a part of my everyday. I'm lucky enough to be able to go frameless when necessary, but when it comes to working in the studio, it would be headache central without them. I'm always on the lookout for a good pair, one that will suit my needs while working and one that works with my wardrobe. This past year I have managed to curate a nice concise collection for myself. Here are my go to glasses from top to bottom: Warby Parker Aldous Sunglasses, See Eyewear, and Warby Parker Japhy.

I know some of you are the tried and true single pair type, while others will have as many specs as pairs of socks. Whatever your pleasure, proper fit is essential to helping you not only look your best, but see better too! Below are my tips for finding the perfect pair.

1. It's all about the numbers. For some of us, fit means the width of the glasses, others the height. When you know which measurements fit your face best, you can narrow down your search and even successfully buy vintage frames online. For me it's all about the width of the frame, so I pay the most attention to the measurements across the top of the glasses. For example, the Japhy measurements are 49-17-145. This means that the part of the glasses that sits in front of each eye is 49mm wide. The bridge is 17mm wide and the length to the temple or the arm of the glasses is 145mm long. The 49mm number is the most important to me, as I look best in a pair that has a larger number here.

2. Near and far. When trying on glasses, look at yourself from near and far. Some frames will kind of blend into your hair or skin color depending upon distance. If that's your jam than fine, but be aware that pink frames on someone with pinkish undertones to their skin might be a bit too much to take.

3. Purpose. As you can see above, I have two pairs of very different glasses. The Japhy specs from Warby Parker are my studio glasses. They fit snug, do not slide down the bridge of my nose, are sturdy, and the price is right so that if I scratch the I am not completely heartbroken. My pair from See Eyewear were significantly more expensive. They are my off duty glasses so to speak. I wear them out to meetings, conferences, speaking engagements. My blue cat eye glasses are more of a fashion accessory and part of my closet. I was initially surprised to find that blue acts a neutral for me, there has never been a time when I thought the blue specs didn't compliment what I was wearing.

4. Try and try again. You may think you know what frames you want, because they look good on your friend, or style icon, but keep an open mind! To truly get the best pair for you means thinking about your individual face and what fit and frame color works best for you. This often means trying on a lot of different pairs and being open to possibilities that based on frame style you might discount. As long as the frame fits within your preferred measurements, try it on, you never know!

As always, please include your questions below. I'd love to hear about how you found your favorite glasses!



Original photography, art direction + styling for Zelma Rose by Lisa Anderson Shaffer

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