Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In the Studio 3.13.2013 Sorbet to Cleanse the Palette

This week I've been multi-tasking like a champ.  Not really like a champ, but multi-taking the hell out of the week regardless. A lot has been going on.  We wrapped up Mind Your Business Boot Camp at the Makeshift Society this past weekend, which was pretty incredible.  The Boot Camp was a year in the making and all started with a little blog that could, known as Awfully Grand. I never imagined that Zelma Rose & Lisa Anderson Consulting would be in full swing a year ago.  It's all been pretty incredible, and a massive amount of work pushing what often times seems a super galactic sized boulder up a mountain. I really must be crazy.  Luckily I'm licensed to agree.

The studio has been humming. The highlights thus far were sending a custom zodiac necklace off to a couple awaiting the birth of their daughter and sending a sorbet colored honeycomb cross stitch necklace to a woman who is wearing it in her engagement photos.  Neat!!

I released my line of mint-centric cross stitch necklaces in the fall, anticipating the sorbet spring trend.  They have been popping up all over the place and it turns out Martha Stewart is a fan, adding one to her American Made Instagram Feed and in an ad in collaboration with Toyota on her website.  Here are some stills:

Two Tier Geometric Cross Stitch Necklace

Martha Stewart & Toyota Advertisement featuring Zelma Rose

Hooray Martha!!  And to answer your question, yes I'm dying over it.  She is only kind of amazing.

I can't seem to get enough of the sorbet trend.  It really is refreshing after a winter spent in sparkle motion with lots of rich and heavy metallics.  I'll be revisiting the trend Friday with Style File, so stop back and say hi.

Happy Wednesday!



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