Friday, February 28, 2014

Good Measure: A New Weekly Style Feature Coming to Zelma Rose

I love meeting customers in person and over the past year as my custom work has grown to include a good deal of made-to-measure accessories for weddings, I have gotten to meet face to face with many Bay Area couples getting ready to tie the knot. What I had not anticipated as part of my custom services, was the desire for me to give design feedback and help style entire wedding wardrobes. Makes perfect sense, right? Why wouldn't I be asked for style advice on suits, dresses, and color schemes when I am creating a custom set of jewelry and accessories for the event? It has been great fun for me to help couples choose between a classic cut jacket, or a sash lapel, shirt colors, shoes, wedding party dress lengths and everything in between. I love showing customers how to celebrate their individual style and look their best, especially while rockin' some ZR.

Many of you have been asking for tips, advice, and a look inside my closet and in response to your requests, both at in person design consults and via email, twitter and the like, I have created a new column on the blog, Good Measure. Good Measure will be a collection of posts and style tips to help you put your best fashion foot forward. I'll be covering everything from how to tie the perfect bow tie and choosing the perfect neckwear fit for your proportions, to layering jewelry, incorporating heirlooms into your wardrobe and giving you an inside look at what I wear day in and day out. I'll also cover fashion triumphs and not so stellar moments to keep you pointed in the right direction.

Join me on Monday for the first Good Measure post. I'll be sharing my thoughts on Justin Timberlake's appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and breaking down some of the finer and not so well-proportioned wardrobe choices.

In the end, it's not about what you wear, but how you wear it.



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