Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Chance to Meet Martha

So I have been sitting on some incredibly exciting news all week and I'm about to burst!  I'm going to be speaking at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City in June!  To say I'm excited would be a crazy pants understatement.

I attended Alt Summit for the first time last year and was blown away. It was such a deeply powerful experience to be surrounded by some of the most successful business women in the country who have written their own rules and carved out their own plan for success. The overall message was, we want you to follow your passion and yes, you can do this and make a pretty fantastic living at it. A major shift in confidence happened for me after Alt and I can't wait to return.

Not only am I excited to be speaking, but I get to do so with one of my best friends and strongest business allies, Sarah Deragon. You all know Sarah from the incredible model photography she takes for ZR, along with her own work with Portraits To The People and The Identity Project. We are so excited to be sharing some of our Mind Your Business School tips with Alt about staying connected, maintaining perspective and giving your business the social media boost. It means a lot to me to be going with Sarah. Going out on our own and starting our businesses was something we did together. She is one of my greatest cheerleader's and I adore her!

Portraits To The People 2014

But wait there's more...yesterday we found out that the one and only Martha Stewart is the keynote speaker at Alt in June! Yeah, I freaked out. Sarah too. We were texting like mad after the announcement and most of them were just OMG OMG a million times over. So many thoughts and questions!  And now I really actually was worried about what I am going to wear. To deal with my totally unbridled excitement I'm creating a list of Ask Martha questions. After all she is the Queen Bee of lady bosses and in her own way has made a lot of us feel like we could build a successful business around our creativity. So if given the chance, what in the world do I ask her? What would you ask her?

Here's a few to get us started. In the comments section please add to the list! Let's get this thing going...

1. Do you really get up at 4 am every day and if so can you text me because I'm up then too?
2. How do you handle failure? For real Martha. Do you go full on tantrum and then pull it together or do you go right into learn the lesson mode?
3. How do you continue to maintain relevance and stay on trend as an expert?
4. Please tell me all your thoughts about money?
5. What was the first moment you believed that MSLO was going to be a success?



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