Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In the Studio 4.3.13 Cake Toppers for Your Spring Celebrations

A few months or so ago, I was asked by Emily & Megan of Enjoy Events Co. to create something special for their event planning class gift bag.  I was thrilled, of course, and I just love new projects, so when it came time to design something just for the occasion I was excited to get to work.  I could think of no better gift for event planners than their very own cake topper!  Inspired by the Wed & Roses full size bow wedding cake topper, I set to work designing a small scale version just for Enjoy Events Co. I just wrapped the project up last night and will be delivering the toppers this Friday. I snapped a few shots yesterday before packaging them up. I'm really happy with the results and can't wait to see what the whole set looks like on top of a really big cake! I have decided to include the mini bow cake topper as part of the Wed & Roses Collection over on Etsy.  You can look for them for sale within the next week.

Wed & Roses Mini Bow Cake Toppers

Heather Grey // Fuchsia // Navy Blue // Scarlet Red // Sage // Brown // Persimmon

Wed & Roses Mini Bow Cake Toppers

Wed & Roses Mini Bow Cake Toppers

What fun celebrations do you have in store for this spring?



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