Monday, August 13, 2012

And Action!

I'm so very excited for today!  My girls Karrie of Videokard and Sarah of Portraits To The People are coming by the studio for a video shoot!  If you don't know Videokard, Karrie creates beautiful and amazing video business cards.  Check out her work here.  You can even see Sarah's Videokard for Portraits To The People!

The idea started long ago.  Just kidding, try last week when a friend informed me that Martha Stewart was calling for entries for the American Made Awards.  You know of course I'm entering!  I've been wanting to get Karrie over to the studio to shoot a video for some time, and no time like the present. I like to think of it as my little video gift to Martha.  I was so happy when Karrie and Sarah were on board for the shoot!

I'll be writing more about it later on this week and you can check out live photos and tweets from the shoot today:   Twitter: @ZelmaRoseCurios and Instagram: zelmarose

Happy Monday!  I've got to go get camera ready.



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