Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting to Know Modern Kiddo

Welcome to a series of posts called "Getting to Know."  We met so many wonderful and interesting folks at Renegade Craft Fair, I just had to  properly introduce you to them all. 


Those of you who have kiddos or simply love all things vintage already know about the fabulous design savvy blog Modern Kiddo.  Bloggers Alix & Dottie serve up the best vintage style of the past with a fun-loving and super stylish attitude.  I loooove their blog!  It is my go to place for a little vintage inspiration.  Don't miss  Dottie's Kraft Korner for great vintage crafting projects.  These Moms are always up to something fun!

Alix & Dottie were nice enough to stop by Zelma Rose at Renegade Craft Fair and say hello. Their smiling faces and fiercely fabulous vintage get-ups (check out their Renegade post to see the wears) were a sunny welcome at the 'ol booth.  So here I am a total fan of their blog and when Alix & Dottie introduce themselves and ask if they can take some photos for their blog Modern Kiddo, I just stand there like my brain went on vacation!  "Hi.  Nice to meet you.  Modern Kiddo.  That sounds really cool." DUH!  Seriously I read their blog every week.  It felt strangely similar to when a friend of mine recounted the time he met Madonna. He just stood there unable to say anything relevant or even vaguely social.  "Madonna." Was all he could get out! I guess I can chalk it up to Renegade fever, but really! 

Don't miss their super cute guest curator spot on Etsy.  Alix & Dottie brilliantly curated 4 collections inspired by some of their favorite children's books.  How smart is that?! 

Thanks Ladies!!

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