Sunday, May 22, 2011

Holy Moly Maker Faire

Wow Maker Faire!  What a great time!  In case you have never been, imagine a place full of all the crafts and DIY projects you have ever dreamed of come to life.  Yeah, it's that good!  I spent the afternoon manning the Etsy Booth with a few of Etsy's own Brooklyn travelers.  We were there talking up the much anticipated I Heart Art SF.  

I am so very excited about this project and really thrilled that Etsy has decided to include San Francisco.  Here's the nitty gritty in case you haven't heard:  A new initiative being set forth in the Bay Area, I Heart Art: San Francisco is a program sponsored by Etsy, Inc. to promote connectivity between local artists, organizations & institutions in a way which enriches our community as a whole. Yeah, it's going to be big! Check out the I Heart Art San Francisco Blog for all the updates.  Don't forget to join us for the Craft Party June 10th (for details see the I Heart Art SF Blog), it's the Team SF Etsy Kick off Party for I Heart Art SF! And last but not least, thanks so much to Kimm and the Etsy team for a super fun Saturday afternoon at the Maker Faire Etsy Booth!

See you at the Craft Party June 10!


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